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Extenson for multiple coupons management and compatibility

Extenson for multiple coupons management and compatibility

I need to implement multiple cart rules, in particular coupon codes with compatibility rules, and was wondering if exists an extension that already does this.

I'll make you an example, let's say I got 6 types of coupons:

coupon type 1 = CT1

coupon type 2 = CT2

coupon type 3 = CT3

coupon type 4 = CT4

coupon type 5 number1 = CT5-1

coupon type 5 number2 = CT5-2

coupon type 5 number3 = CT5-3

They are all applicable on the entire cart total, but you can't use coupons of type 1 multiple times AND you can't add another coupon of type 2, but you can of other types. A quick scheme:


              CT1     CT2     CT3     CT4     CT5-1     CT5-2     CT5-3

CT1        ---         X          O         O         X             X             X

CT2        X          ---         O         O         O            O             O

CT3        O         X          ---         O         O            O             O

CT4        O         O          O         O          O           O             O

CT5-1     X         O          O         O         ---           X              X

CT5-2     X         O          O         O         X            ---             X

CT5-3     X         O          O         O         X            X             ---


X means you can't use with that coupon type

O means you can stack them

The ones in BOLD you can use multiple of same type


I hope I explained it well.


Re: Extenson for multiple coupons management and compatibility



I think that this Magento 2 Coupon Extensions might meet your requirements. And it is completely free. 


Coupon Condition: Get coupons automatically

Using a variety of distinctive conditions, the Magento 2 store owners are enabled to easily generate the coupon codes that are designed for specific brand or product with the support of the Magento 2 Coupon Extension.


Furthermore, the customers who come to your store can also receive and get the code automatically.


With Magento 2 Coupon Extension free, Admin can edit:

  • Coupon code
  • Status
  • Expiration
  • Amount of discount
  • Use per customer
  • Rule
  • Email
Limit times to use the coupon code by each customer

To be able to grant you better management over the coupon codes being generated, the Magento 2 Coupon Management comes with a useful feature that helps the Magento 2 store owners to limit the times using coupon code by the same registered customer.

Moreover, this customer can belong to any selected customer group. 


Re: Extenson for multiple coupons management and compatibility


I think you should try Multiple coupons extension by Mageplaza. This extension assists clients with adding different coupons in a single request. This way assists customers to acquire chances with better costs while stores can build change rate and lift deals fundamentally.

Highlight features:

- Apply numerous coupons on Shopping Cart page and Checkout page

- Applying or eliminate applied coupons without any problem

- Confine and breaking point coupon use

- Apply different coupons code on Admin Order page

- Set interesting coupons which can dismiss others

Hope this helps!