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How Custom import extension works??

How Custom import extension works??



We have created an extension for import product shipping availability & price value from csv file, but when we try to import csv file then no one attribute value is updated.


Can anyone help me??


We have attached extension zip file.


Thanks & regards,



Re: How Custom import extension works??

They basically do direct database mappings of attributes that correlates on your csv file.

Here are some examples;
If the extension has an options to "bulk disable products" it will just generate a csv with two attributes, "sku" and "status", when you put skus, and import that file, extension will add "status" attribute automatically with "0" value in the field next to sku and then it will send it to the database.


You can multiply this example to all kind of import operations you have in mind.

Usually, creating the csv responsibility is on your shoulders.

and for so many basic things like adding products to multiple stores, changing status, bulk changing prices, adding special prices etc. you can just do these yourself by using Magento's native import feature.


I highly recommend you to get familiar those product csvs by exporting your products so you can understand more clearly which attributes option should be while you are importing a csv.

Re: How Custom import extension works??

Thanks for your response!


If we want to update attribute value through csv file in magento 2 format.


for example- in our csv file 3 column (sku, name & custom_attribute (shipping _avaibility)).

shipping_availbility is a custom attribute & we want to update that attribute value. So how can we import that csv file?? 


Have you any idea??


Screenshot from 2021-08-24 14-34-33.png

Re: How Custom import extension works??

Put sku to the first column and put shipping_availability,


Then fill fields with sku and shipping availiability for each sku in to next field under shipping_availability.


Then go to Magento and try to import.

CSV Should be like this
sku                      shipping_availiability
sku123                value of the attribute