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Product Finder

Product Finder



I'm looking for an extension that would offer functionalities from a variety of different extensions I have found, but none discovered offer exactly what is required in one.  I have attached a layout to explain.


product finder.png


It would seem to be a cross between layered navigation and a product parts finder. Essentially, the second and third (potentially more) select boxes self-populate depending on the given hierarchy (preferably managed separately to the main taxonomy and with the possibility of using tags, attributes or a CSV import) and it would be intended to be installed and used on the homepage. 


Is this something that can be handled by an existing extension or am I looking at a bespoke development?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Product Finder

Hi @BenedictFrancis,

I almost got your point. But I have some questions in it.Can you clarify me?

1) You have shown the drop down in the attached image. will it load the products based on your selection in the side menu? is it like a ajax loader?

2) What is the purpose of SHOP NOW button? why the shop now button is placed there? can you explain me clearly? I'm not sure why that shop now button is there

Here is the product finder module I can refer below:

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Best regards

Re: Product Finder

Hello @madhuresan_ramanan 


Thank you for replying!


The module would be like an advanced search tool on the homepage.  No Ajax loading of products, but the subsequent dropdowns would populate, based on the previous one. Almost like a drill-down navigation. 


The parts finder you provided act in a similar way to the others that I have found - in so much that the select boxes are fairly static in terms of the labels and I can't incorporate the Price range slider. 


For example, if product type selected was "Washing Machine", the next box would populate with type: in-built or standalone, then on the select after that, it may populate as Widths.


The Shop Now button is a search button that would take them to a new search results page, based on the selections.


Does that make more sense?

Re: Product Finder

Hi @BenedictFrancis

Can you please check your inbox?

Re: Product Finder

Hi @BenedictFrancis,

I hope you read my message. Can I have an answer for that pricing range? Okay for confirmation I'm asking set price range from minimum - maximum for only chosen product in the module? is it? It will surely possible in magento to develop such extension based on your needs.

Best regards

Re: Product Finder



The admin of the finder would need to be a list of the overall taxonomy with the ability to turn on and off the categories for inclusion in the finder.


The number of boxes would depend on whether there is a child category under the previous selection - so would be made visible if there is another level below.


The price range would automatically adjust according to the maximum and minimum price of the products returned in the search, so essentially there would be prices and categories returned via ajax.


I would need to get an estimate of cost before taking this any further.




Re: Product Finder



Have you tried the 

Swissup AjaxLayeredNavigation

It has the filtering options with price range slider.


Generally, our module will help you to:

  • Add a layered navigation with filterable attributes on your store pages.
  • Apply multiple attributes to the same filter.
  • Show price attribute slider.
  • Let users filter New, On Sale and Stock, products
  • Show a Rating filter
  • Enter the option name in search line directly in the layered navigation block
  • Improve site's navigation structure.
  • Simplify a searching process in a store.
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Re: Product Finder

hello @BenedictFrancis 



I would like to suggest to you Magento 2 Product Parts FinderStore admin can add a product filter in the home and category page for customers to find their product easily with year, model, etc...