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RMA extension on Magento 2

Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

Hi there 


From the customer's standpoints, this module really works.


On my long holidays, I often surf the internet and order some stuff randomly. After realizing that i do not need them anymore, I will make a return request. The online shops with this RMA module really attract me a lot. And i become a loyal customer if they can offer me the suiltable return policy.


When my friends're gonna run an online business, i always advise them to consider integrating this Magento RMA Extension from Landofcoder team


This module is easy to install and customize. You can try the demo before making the deal.


Good luck!

Re: RMA extension on Magento 2


I highly recommend this extension by Landofcoder team - Magento 2 RMA Extension.

We’ve chosen this module as it supports RMA for guest visitors. This was exactly what we needed as customers often neglect registration and prefer making fast purchases. As soon as we sell clothes we face numerous RMA requests every day. This extension allowed our admins to rapidly process the requests by keeping all necessary info at hand. Since we installed the module 5 months ago we haven’t noticed any inaccuracies or bugs. It was a great plus when Landofcoder added custom form fields and statuses. I’m pretty sure this is one of our best buys so far. 

Here are some highlight features of this extension:

  • Add bundle RMA request for multi orders on the frontend FEATURED
  • Create bundle RMA requests for multi orders from backend FEATURED
  • [NEW] Allow guests to request RMA FEATURED
  • [NEW] Support GraphQL FEATURED
  • Display filter/sorting/paging when creating RMA request

Hope this information is helpful!

Re: RMA extension on Magento 2


Try M2 RMA Extension by Lof 

I think this extension will be the perfect choice for you. And it have all the needed features any online store require

Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

I used to use Magento RMA Extension at Landofcoder. I had a wonderful experience with the product that fits my demand and the all functions work great. I highly recommend the Magento RMA Extension. You can let the customers submit RMA request, discuss in further detail with them, and notify them of the changes that were made.

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