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Re: SEO extension

As we all know that SEO plays an important role when it comes to ranking and traffic. If you want your store to be best optimized in terms of SEO then it is necessary to take a look at best magento seo extension. There are so many extensions available to use but what matters the most is the best one that is reliable and also fulfill the needs.

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SwissupLabs SeoSuite for Magento2 has everything you need to cover your SEO needs:

You can get all that modules only for $79

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Re: SEO extension

You can boost the visibility and performance of ecommerce store on search engines with using Magento SEO hub extension, even if you don't have in-depth knowledge about SEO. Configure this advanced Magento SEO extension to manage Meta tags, handle data feeds, add canonical URLs redirect links and create HTML & XML sitemaps easily.

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Well, I was in your situation just a couple of months ago. I know it was really to make your final decision since you don't have much information and they have like a dozen of SEO extensions out there. That's why we all looking for review and advice like this.

I think you should check out this FREE package from Mageplaza. They offered SEO extension for free so definitely check it out.

If you need more information, here is the list of 10 vendors who supply this extension. This list also provides you with basic information and expertise review on these extensions. Here is the link: Top Magento 2 SEO extension for Magento 2 

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Hi @suthan_alley,

Here I share the 5 best seo extensions for magento2.
Here you go:

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It's all depend upon your requirements but I will recommend you the complete SEO toolkit, all in one pack of 7 magento seo extension for your store that significantly reduces your search optimization work load and cost. This extension gives you a combination of 7 powerful tools that automate your SEO tasks such as creating

(1) SEO Meta tags

(2) Image Alt tags

(3) Rich Snippets

(4) Sitemap

(5) No-Follow No-Index tags

(6) Canonical Tags

(7) Multilingual Hreflang tags.


This makes your online presence SEO equipped and improves your online rankings on SERPs.


Key Features
  • Add Extended Google Rich Snippet Tags
  • Handle Content Language Duplicates with Hreflang Tags
  • Add No Index No Follow Tags to Any Page
  • Add Canonical Tags to Prevent Duplication
  • Auto-create SEO Meta Title, Description & Keywords
  • Generate SEO Optimized Alt Tags for Product Images
  • Build XML & HTML Sitemaps for Store

I hope this will work for you :-)

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You can also try Store Manager for Magento for adding meta details one by one or in bulk.

For example, import option allows to add/update meta title, description and tags having only product identifier and the needed SEO data in the file.

Also, you can use different expression formulae for mass data modifications on the fly at one of the steps of upload. 

You can check how it works free for 14 days with the Trial version -


Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

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An SEO extension would sure be an easy way out but you might consider checking your Magento 2 SEO Settings first.


Hope it helps!



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Magento 2 Advanced SEO Suite is a package of well-known features designed to make your store prominent in Google Search.
It reduces search optimization workload, dramatically improves store visibility and allows you to perfectly coordinate your store for maximum search indexing performance.

  • Site Map - exclude certain Category/Product/CMS page links from Sitemap
  • Canonical URL- solving duplicate content issues
  • Rich snippets - add markup tags to help search engines
  • SEO Catalog URL - set primary category for products
  • Add Hreflang Tags for Products, Categories, CMS Pages

The following link Magento 2 Advanced SEO Suite would be useful.

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Magento 2 Advanced SEO Suite extension is the complete SEO package to maximize the effectiveness of Magento search engine optimization and with the help of this suite you can improve your store’s ranking on the SERPs.In our SEO suite you will find everything you need to set up Magento SEO features and optimize search engine results for your store, along with technical elements, which will eliminate traffic loss and negative effects to the search ranking of your site. As a result, this helps boost the SEO performance significantly.


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