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Setting currency depending on IP

Setting currency depending on IP


I have the following question. For now the visitors of my site have to select their currency manually. What I need is to display prices in my customers' home currency automatically. How can i do this in Magento?



Re: Setting currency depending on IP

You may use our Store and Currency Magento Extension.

Using the advanced MaxMind technology the extension accurately detects visitor's location and redirects them to the corresponding Website/Store View with prices in their national currencies.


Also, you can modify the Country/ Currency relation for any regional Store in the backend

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Re: Setting currency depending on IP

Here is another extension: Currency Geo Filter . It will allow you to display prices in your customers' home currency automatically. It is also possible to shortlist the allowed currencies for each country seperately.

P.S. Curerncy Geo Filter is compartible with Currency Pricing or Advanced Pricing extensions (combinations often used by our customers).

Re: Setting currency depending on IP

Hi, Simon!


Chek out our GeoIP Currency Auto Switcher

Easy to install and configure, based on MaxMind GeoIP2 database.

It will help you to reach your goals!

Re: Setting currency depending on IP

Hi @Simon_Gwin

You can have a look at this extension

It will be useful if you have different store views for each language/currency. The extension helps to show relevant currency according to the visitors' geolocation.


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Re: Setting currency depending on IP

If you need an extension for Magento 1 take a look at this one.


IP-based Store & Currency Switcher for Magento 2 came out recently. Real time Geo IP detection, redirection etc.

Re: Setting currency depending on IP

We have GeoIP Default Currency extension which automatically sets currency based on the IP address of the visitors.


Key Features:


 - Auto Currency Switcher as per Visitor Location
 - Automatically Switch Language / Store View
 - Detects Visitors Location
 - Supports IP Exceptions
 - Use MaxMind GeoIP Database

Re: Setting currency depending on IP

For Magento 2, beside displaying their currencies for customers from a store view if we want customers to checkout with display currency of store view, this extension can be very useful: Checkout with Display Currency
For example: In French store view with Display currency as Euro (set up in the backend), customer buy products in this store view and checkout with Euro conveniently:

It also works well with both offline and online payment method such as Paypal, Credit card,. and especially shows display currency in order details in the backend and My order in Account dashboard

Re: Setting currency depending on IP

Use the following highly trusted and feature-rich language & currency switcher for Magento 1 & 2. These extensions accurately detect every visitor's locations from their IPs and switch the language & currency of the store according to their location to enhance their shopping experience. It also allows manual switching and IP exceptions. Explore the full features below. 


Magento 1:


Magento 2:


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Re: Setting currency depending on IP

For Magento 2 you can use Auto Currency Switcher Extension by Magefan.