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Visual Page Creator

Visual Page Creator

I'm looking for the best Magento 2 plugin that allows live page building and preview. Visual editor and intuitive drag & drop interface are definitely to my liking. I'm nowhere as near as a good coder, so I would like to keep myself out of coding and programming things. Any suggestions with credibility would be awesome. Thanks in advance!


Re: Visual Page Creator

Hi, this would be lovely!


I'm afraid there isn't a go to solution for the community for this at the moment. The thing to keep an eye on is This was acquired for Magento and will be integrated into Magento Enterprise. There are rumours that this will become available again for Magento Community edition users to purchase with a reduced feature set but we don't know for sure at this time. 

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Re: Visual Page Creator

Instead of login in the back-end, Magento 2 Frontend Builder allows you to build and configure Homepage, Category page, Product page, CMS pages... straight and visually at front-end. Also, it allows you to select header & footer for the website using available multiple headers or add/ edit new headers, footers as you wish. By this way, you can experience the true “What you see is what you get” and forget about “blind design”. 

Visual Page Creator comes with tons of extensions and 19+ available components that support you build web pages by yourself. Easily you just need to combine these elements to create any pages as your expectation 

Free Frontend Builder for M1:

Re: Visual Page Creator

I suggest you to have a look at FREE Front-end Cms Page Builder Magento 2 is is an incredible extension which provides an optimal solution to create your page and make magento 2 theme faster and easier. The product with many useful features that would help customers have an interesting experience in building page in Magento 2. Get details:

Re: Visual Page Creator

Dear @Nekohatachi ,

I strongly recommend you to use CleverBuilder - a Real Visual Front-end Page Builder for Magento 2.

The following are some key features:

1/ All-in-One Solution

Control every aspect of your web design workflow from one place.

2/ Visual Design

Simple. Powerful. Flexible. Experience the power of 100% visual design.

3/ Faster Performance

Build websites that load faster, and speed up the process of building them.

4/ Real Frontend Editor Experience

Live Frontend editor, Inline editor, and Tree view allows you to make changes instantly and see end-results before publishing. Boost your Magento experience with the best and fastest editor on the market.

5/ Enjoy Over 30 Design Elements

Take advantage of the complete set of dedicated tools that help you generate more traffic, leads, and conversions. You don’t need dozens of plugins anymore.

6/ Works Perfect With Any Theme, Any CMS Page

CleverBuilder works with any Magento theme, CMS page. Change themes as often as you like and never lose your designed layouts. Your content is forever yours.

7/ Responsive Design

Create a responsive website right from the start. All the elements and templates are responsive and mobile-ready. Powerful and precise responsive options are built-in. Control the look of your website on mobile devices without leaving the editor.

8/ Easy to Use Interface

An intuitive interface makes it easy to create a beautiful website, all on your own. Design pages faster and easier with hundreds of content elements and templates available to you, we've got you covered.

You can easy to check this video to see how it works. 


Re: Visual Page Creator



Your product is beautiful yes. But expensive. Especially when we check at ThemForest. 
You purpose a full theme with your builder at 99$
And you purpose your builder alone at 199$ 

Please help me to understand. 

Also, no update from first release ?

6/ Works Perfect With Any Theme, Any CMS Page

CleverBuilder works with any Magento theme, CMS page. Change themes as often as you like and never lose your designed layouts. Your content is forever yours.

There is trully no problem if I install your page builder on a Magento 2.3.1 with Porto Theme ? Sure ? I'd be really curious to see that!

I remain confident that your approach is the right one.
Elementor being a reference.

But you will have to accelerate on updates and new features.
I invite you to read what has been done with the theme Warehouse for Prestashop. They also use Elementor but with much more freedom than you currently offer.

In short, I just hope that you will follow your builder and not just make a small adjustment to Magento updates like MageSolution does.

Cause yes Magento Font-End CMS page Builder from Mage solution have a loooooot of problem. For a module that claims to be fully compatible with Porto, Ultimo and all other themes..... It's a stain!

Re: Visual Page Creator


Magezon Page Builder will definitely not let you down!

- Of course, you don't need to touch a single line of code. Build any page layout you can image in minutes using a user friendly builder interface and visual drag & drop

- It supports 50+ customizable elements to add text, image, products, video and so on. 

- Magezon Page Builder works perfectly with any Magento 2 themes and 100% responsive on all devices. 

- Easy to extend its functionality with tons of plugins. 

- Auto integrates with WYSIWYG editor not only in CMS pages but also CMS blocks, category description and product attribute.


Trusted Magento 2 Extensions

Re: Visual Page Creator

Hello @Nekohatachi 


I would also like to recommend a visual page creator extension: Site Builder by LEONEX: 

Key Features: 


  • Smart Preview: Preview the content while editing the content in the backend
  • Site Templates: Save existing sites as templates so that you can use them later again
  • Developer Friendly: Extend and customise Site Builder in minutes via XML and templates.

If you want to try it just go to


It is not free, but you can get it directly on the magento marketplace:

And every purchase makes the development of further features and support sustainable .


Full disclaimer: I work at LEONEX and helped to develop this extension.

Re: Visual Page Creator

Can I recommend Simpleforms! It's a new extension that allows you to create HTML forms or pages and has a built-in visual editor. Is very easy to use.


You can get it from the Magento Marketplace -


Disclaimer: yes, I'm the author and work for Startnet Ltd Smiley Happy