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Can't download extension from marketplace

Can't download extension from marketplace

Download option not available on marketplace extensions




How can download extensions?

please advise


Re: Can't download extension from marketplace

Hi @shannkalmufaa1 


Magento has disabled the plugin package download form the Magento marketplace. Read this 

You should install the plugin using composer now like following

composer require futurenext/zakeke:1.5.9

then run the setup upgrade and other commands

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Re: Can't download extension from marketplace

Early Magento Marketplace Allowed to download extension package from the same dropdown where extension version written.

But now you can't able to do that one.

You can directly install those extension into magento using below commands.

composer require swissup/absolute-metapackage:1.5.0

composer require bitexpert/magento2-force-customer-login:4.1.0

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