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Braintree config

Braintree config

Hi I have magento 1.9.3 installed.


There is a lot of mention about braintree payments settings in magento however I cannot see those in my magento admin panel under payment methods.


Can you please help how I can install braintree


Re: Braintree config

Hi @Chib2,


Braintree is included on Magento 2.

The only module that I've found for Magento 1 is

(But you should perform your own research, I didn't use it so this isn't a recomendation)



Re: Braintree config

But there are instructions of activating braintree on magento website.
And the admin definately is magento1

Re: Braintree config

Maybe I've missed something. Can you share one of those links?

Re: Braintree config

Hi @Chib2


You might be looking Braintree Configuration page. This url is for Magento Enterprise Edition, if you search Braintree in following link Magento_Community_Edition_User_Guide  no search result comes for Braintree.


Braintree is available for EE edition in Magento1.

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