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Issues importing Magento Sample Data with GoDaddy

Issues importing Magento Sample Data with GoDaddy

Hey guys, installing the sample data is required for Magento install, as it creates all the product tables, etc, correct?


So I am trying to install Magento on my shared server with GoDaddy and I cannot import the sample-data.sql file that. I get the error:


#2006 - MySQL server has gone away


So this means it is timing out while running the SQL file. Tons of tables are still created though with lots of data before it times out. I have looked everywhere for an answer. In my PHP5.INI file I have increased:


mysql.connect_timeout = 60
max_execution_time = 600
wait_timeout = 600


I spent like two hours speaking with GoDaddy support trying to figure out what is wrong.  They cannot tell me.  They say that it MIGHT wait_timeout but this is not something I can set in the INI file, they say we cannot change this on a shared server and that I need to switch everything over to a VPS.  Now I am just helping someone with their site and they wanted Magento, I only have a limited amount of experience with servers and do not want to be their server admin - GoDaddy says they will set it up and monitor their server for $150 / month extra.


I did not imagine installing Magento could be this difficult (I cannot even complete one of the simple and straight forward beginning installation steps!) because of how widely used it is! And of course I figured it would work fine with GoDaddy since they are one of the leading host providers in the world .....


Can someone help me with this issue!? Someone out there MUST have run into the same issue importing the sample data into GoDaddy.


Re: Issues importing Magento Sample Data with GoDaddy

Hi -- I don't know what might be preventing the script from running, but you really don't have to install the sample data. In fact, after you're done playing around with it, it's better to start over with a blank store, anyway.  



Re: Issues importing Magento Sample Data with GoDaddy

Have you tried asking them to import the sample data into a new database for you? 

Re: Issues importing Magento Sample Data with GoDaddy

Hello @tehpokernoob 


I would suggest you to change hosting, you should use Magento optimized hosting servers now,


There are few, if you want I can recommand some, you will not face such issues there

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