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move magento to another host

move magento to another host



I'm trying to restore a backup for someone in a new shared hosting, I'm not familiar with magento but after restoring files and database and change db setting in load.xml file now there is an error says : 

Connection to Redis failed after 2 failures.Last Error : (111) Connection refused

my question is  how can i dsiable cache and solve this problem? I tried comment <cache> section in load.xml file but still same error. any idea how to solve this?

also Its a shared hosting and i don't have root or ssh access to it


Re: move magento to another host

brother I have same issue I contact customer support rely to take positive response in future

same like this  DGme Login

Re: move magento to another host

To disable the cache and resolve the "Connection to Redis failed" error in Magento on shared hosting without root or SSH access:

  1. Verify Redis configuration in app/etc/env.php.
  2. Confirm Redis server availability with hosting provider support.
  3. Request assistance from the hosting provider to resolve the Redis connection issue.
  4. As a temporary workaround, switch to a file-based cache by editing env.php.
  5. Remember to reinstate the Redis configuration once the issue is resolved.

Collaborate with hosting provider support for a long-term solution.