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need help?

need help?

yesterday i downloaded magento to try, but i have so many problem.


1. Purchase and upload: i uploaded files to ftp. It was very slow (30-40kb/s - my average upload speed is 5mb/s with other files - i tried this yesterday too). So, i was waiting and waiting and finally succes.
Then realize that my php version is smaller, so purchase version. Same “speed”, wait only 25minutes, and voilá.. ready for install. I read somewhere, that installation procedure show that the php is not adequate, but i didn’t seen this. Why??



Re: need help?

Hi @philipval_kylie,

Basically magento latest version supports fine with your PHP latest version. so you need to upgrade your PHP  version.

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Best regards

Re: need help?

Hi @philipval_kylie 


Please refer

If you are on latest version on Magenti you can apply PHP 7.2 support patches PHP 7.2 support

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