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need help?

need help?


I installed magento and the sample data.
Now when I open any page of the site is returned to me an error like this:
not Found
The requested URL / magento / customer / account / was not found on this server.
For all links on the home page of the site.

How can I fix the problem?



Re: need help?

Hi @johnsonn_andy,


Check one thing, if you are running those URL with index.php, means <base url>/index.php/customer/account


If yes then you need to remove index.php from Magento admin side first. Follow these steps:

  1. Log-in Magento Admin.
  2. Go to System -> Configuration -> Web.
  3. From Search Engine Optimisation tab Use Web Server Rewrites select YES.
  4. Make sure your Secure and Unsecure base urls should end with “/”.

Or you can check this URL:

If you still facing issue then let me know.


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