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Magento Setup

Magento Setup



We want to setup magento as mentioned in below 


The entire site should load under the subdirectory. For example:
  • would load the magento instance
  • would load a just placeholder page 

Please help on this and also confirm if it will work with magento 2.4 security standard.


Additional UPDATE

We are running multi website setup under 







Re: Magento Setup

Hello @magentosup48fb 


Assume that we have Folder 1 as A and Folder 2 as B.

And folder B is under folder A.


Set up your Magento in folder B and install the Magento. then you need to set your URL ( in folder A.

By this, your first requirement will be full fill. The Magento site will open with this URL. ""


After that create the index.php file under folder A and add your placeholder code under that file.


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Re: Magento Setup

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Re: Magento Setup

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Re: Magento Setup

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