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Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

First of, i am not a noob. I work with several softwares every day and i develop on PHP too.

Second, every software i worked with, have has requirements few PHP extensions and that's it.


It's been 1 week that i am struggling to get Magento installed on cPanel.

It's unbelievable how bad this software is developped. It's unthinkable to have to install dependencies like Composer (i don't even know if it can be considered a dependency) or to run the installation from command line.

You guys are making a software for who? For the expert software engeneer that decided to run a CMS? Or to the wide-range public?

If it's for the wide-range public, you really have to review your conception of "wide-range" public!

The "wide-range" public is NOT technical. 80% don't even follow tutorials. You have to make your software easy to install. Provide all the necessary uncommon dependencies with the package.

The idea is to download a zip file, upload it to a webserver, uncompress it and then go to the website and start the installation. It's 4 steps that you don't even get right! (yes, your .zip package is not a click-and-go).

99% of the webservers out there don't provide command line to their clients, and 90% don't have composer installed.

Even your support here on the forums... It seems that you don't even read the problems! You start by telling to the users that ask support to follow tutorials that the users already followed...

I am frustrated and i am throwing all my frustration here.

Following my experience, i am recommending all my clients to NOT use Magento. Because the software is badly developped and the support is even worst!


Good afternoon everyone.

A frustrated dude!


Re: Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

Hello @bruno_carvalho2 


Can you share what problem you are facing? To install Magento 2 is very easy nowadays no need technical. Just check prerequisites required for Magento 2. 


Let me know if I can help you here.

Manish Mittal

Re: Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

Easy? Yeah... it can be easy to install if the prerequisites are installed.

But the prerequisites are all but ordinary. Trully.


I downloaded the file

Uploaded it to the webhosting (cPanel).

Uncompressed it using the file manager.

Accessed the domain and i get a 500 Error.


The cPanel server has all php extensions informed on your doc:


So... It's not that "Easy" has you said!

Side note: i could get it installed on a Dev VPS with Composer, but when i access the website after the installation, the website loads without template and a lot of missing things. The admin link doesn't work and throws the 500 Error.


Note: It's been 1 week that i am trying to install this on different servers and it simply doesn't work! It's not strait forward and surely is NOT easy.

Re: Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

Hi @bruno_carvalho2 


Don't be panic. Magento is really a very good eCommerce software. It may take some time to configure server environment. It's complexity shows it's safety against hacking the system. 


Before installing you can check that your server is compatible or not for magento with below file on github.


Or you can check all the requirements here:


After getting installed if you are seeing frontend without css and js. Please execute below commands from magento root installation via ssh.


php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento setup:static-content-deploy -f

php bin/magento indexer:reindex

php bin/magento cache:clean

php bin/magento cache:flush


Give permissions as below if required.

chmod -R 777 pub/ var/ generated/

If my answer is helpful, please Accept as Solution & give Kudos

Re: Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

I'm not replying to defend Magento, but I must say that a Magento 2.3.x installation can be very easy with the right tools and preparation. And I can also say following a proven process can lead to a high-performance stable system. 


And your approach to deployment seems from the Dark Ages. My suggestion would be Area 51 on AWS to handle server management. You can find the rest of turnkey solutions surrounding that Google search. Be up and running in 5 minutes and you can spend more time building solutions with your clients than venting on a Magento forum. 


And so easy, even a Noob can do it ;-) 


Best of Luck,

~ A

Re: Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

You guys are all wrong AGAIN.

You pretend wrongly that i have access to server shell.

How many hosts out there provide shell access???


Magento is badly developped. You say i come from dark ages? WRONG again! I face the problem from a normal (noob) user that doesn't know much. So... all users are from dark ages?

99% of the ecomerce software (and also others) rely on "upload-and-run". They have thinked on everything for the user to run smoothly the software.



Re: Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now



Yes, magento 2.3.2 has problems 


My install

  1. Magento 2.3.2.
  2. Theme Luma with samples
  3. web site on Linux server by Lukuid
  4. PHP 7.2
  5. Install via Softaculous
  6. Date install : 26/07/2019


  1. Install Magento 2.3.2 with theme Luma with samples via cpanel via softaculous
  2. If your are connected or not, add a product with the button "Add in the cart"
  3. Click on the button "cart" and over the product, and after if i want open my cart, it s empty and i have a message "cart empty" !

why hosts offer magento 2.3.2 if this version still contains bugs?

Each new version has bugs and the update is difficult for an ordinary user.
Unable to maintain online business in the long term, significant loss of revenue

Why not propose a magnento stable version and another magento version under development or improvement?

Re: Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

Thanks for sharing

Re: Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

The installation process is sad.


Yes, sad.

Re: Magento: The worst software installation i have seen till now

I have always used Magento. For many years I was Using Magento 1.9.x and it was doing the job. I was really happy with it.


Then came Magento 2, and it all went downhill from there. The lack of support for different PHP versions depending on your Magento 2 version. 


Then came the rigid installation requirements?


And after a successful installation and migration, the problems with indexing began. They removed the reindexing option from admin, and now you could only reindex through ssh and cron.


I was looking so much forward to Magento 2, however, after a year of constantly having to spend more time on the platform rather than focusing on sales, I decided to switch, to an e-commerce platform that is inferior to Magento, however, it works out of the box,  no SSH needed, wide PHP support and much easier to configure and customize. Even though I always has spoken out against this platform for e-commerce, I decided to try it out, only and only because Magento 2 made life a living hell for me.... I went with Woocommerce and my life has become so much easier. 


The only thing I miss about Magento is the built-in multi-front store, sharing the same product-database.