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Magento2 behind a corporate firewall and http proxy

Magento2 behind a corporate firewall and http proxy



Magento: 2.3.5-p2


Can anyone direct me to any documentation on configuring an http proxy in Magento? Our network environment now requires all web requests to go through a proxy. I can not find any details on configuring this in Magento. I have configured the proxy on the OS level and that is working now problem. Git and composer work as well. I'm unclear on whether there is any other configuration I must perform for Magento to use the proxy for all external web requests.


With the proxy required, I noticed that the admin page timeouts when using a custom theme like the Pearl theme from WeltPixel. My network team sees that it is trying to reach out to  So, Magento isn't using the proxy configured on the host.


Re: Magento2 behind a corporate firewall and http proxy

The Symfony console command is a great example because you have to talk to Magento from it. The only way to do this is to specify the dependency in the constructor. In the Symfony console component, you must create a class for each individual command. This class has configuration and execution methods. Configure sets its name and arguments while execute performs an expensive operation. If a costly operation is performed during configuration, you are screwed, so a proxy is an answer to this problem. I mostly use proxies from Asia But you can try others as well!