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Module upgrade error

Module upgrade error

After installing a extention Aitoc_core I did run "php bin/magento setup:upgrade" then it show

$ sudo php bin/magento setup:upgrade
[sudo] password for umagento:
Cache cleared successfully
File system cleanup:
The directory '/var/www/magento2/generated/metadata/' doesn't exist - skipping cleanup
Updating modules:
Schema creation/updates:
SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'magento.catalog_product_index_eav_decimal_outdated' doesn't exist, query was: SHOW INDEXES FROM catalog_product_index_eav_decimal_outdated WHERE `Non_unique` = 1

Screenshot from 2021-02-18 16-09-30.png

Now, my magento site is gone, Banckend and friend end showing white display, How to fix this error?

I am a beginner in Magento we are using magento-2.3.4,


Re: Module upgrade error

Hi @vipinsimpl4aed

Did you check table is there in M2 DB, if not then check why it is required Aitoc, and ask updated package?


Re: Module upgrade error

Yes, it was due to the missing table. I did just remove the DB and created a new one and run the Magento comment for creating the schema. But  I did not face same error on other servers.