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Problem with Images

Problem with Images

Hi t everyone, on our site we doing the transfer site on new domain, and the company who doing this job they say, that the most of our photos are cache photos. What is this mean? We uploading our images in normal way, and always everything was ok. We uploading the photos in JPG format. And they are not big size.

So how can I export images gallery of all products, so to save them ? I go in System/ImportExport, but this is not what I am looking for, I want to export images. Is it possible to do this ? 

Because I need to send images to the company.




Re: Problem with Images

I'm not exactly sure about your problem but did you try connecting to your FTP and going to the media/catalog folder and backing it up. You can then restore the images from this backup. However, if you're not changing your platform, I believe you don't need the images as such. You just have to copy the files in this media/catalog folder and paste it in the folder of the same name.




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Re: Problem with Images

My developer say that he have problem to transfer them, he doing now the new domain for existing site. Problem with transfering of the images. How to do this? He say that photos are uploaded like a cache images, but I upload in a normal way. So I was asking if I can export them in some way now? To export a gallery?