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Unassigned Attributes on Edit Attribute Set page out of order?

Unassigned Attributes on Edit Attribute Set page out of order?

I am building a very alrge product database, and this is my first real experience with magento. Currently creating attribute sets for each product category. It was going well at first, until I decided that one of the unassigned attributes I had assigned did not fit. So I dragged it back to the unassigned attributes section to the right. Now when I load this page to create new attribute sets, my unassigned attributes are set in what appears to be ordered by ID, meaning the most recently added one is at the bottom. 

The problem is, I have hundreds of attributes. The products are very technical. And I have a large spreadsheet I'm working from to create the attribute sets. Trying to find each one requires combing through this huge list every single time, for every single attribute, in every single category. If it was at least in alphabetical order, it would save a bunch of time trying to find each attribute.

Any suggestions on how to get it to display in alphabetical order again, or am I just doomed to this boring existence of mind numbing list combing until this task is done?


Re: Unassigned Attributes on Edit Attribute Set page out of order?

There is not an easy way built into Magento to accomplish this.  For future reference and ease of sorting in the future when you add attribute values to an attribute go not assign sort_order as 0,1,2,3,4,5.....  It is better to start out with assigning a sort order of 10,20,30,40,50...  that way 6 months from now when you need to add a new attribute to the list between the second and third value you number it 25 and you do not have to re-order the entire list.


To fix your existing problem, the only suggestion I have is to manipulate the data directly via SQL.  The tables to look at are eav_attribute, eav_attibute_option and eav_attribute_option_value  If you do go making direct edits to SQL tables be sure to back up your data first and reindex and flush caches afterwards.