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how to deal with HEAVY magento website?

how to deal with HEAVY magento website?

I am using Magento for one of my website.

the size of the website became So Huge, that hosting company asked me to reduce the size of the website otherwise they'll not run it; as it's consuming a huge amount of server resources.

here are few cPanel statistics 

File Usage
250,044 / 250,000 (100.02%)


Disk Usage
6.27 GB / 30 GB (20.89%)


MySQL® Disk Usage
2.24 GB / 25.98 GB (8.64%)


Please help me guide, how to deal with such odd situation... i am still able to access the cPanel but Hosting Company stopped the website. 


really not sure what and how to deal with this... 


Re: how to deal with HEAVY magento website?

You have a few options.


It looks like the biggest issue you're facing is File Usage. That's where you're over your allotted threshold based on the data that you shared. 


Your host may be able to advise you on this, but there are probably tools in your cPanel account that can help. In cPanel, you may notice a feature called "Disk Usage" which can help you investigate the folders in your account. There's also a "File Manager" in cPanel that could be very helpful in this situation.


It would make sense to look for anything that's obsolete in your account, and clear it out. This may include old backups or old copies of your site, logs, etc.


If you're hosting emails in this account, that too could be part of your problem. In cPanel, you can look for a feature called "Email Disk Usage" which will show you the number of messages you're storing on the server.


Your host can probably offer an upgrade as well, such as to a dedicated server. If not, there are Magento hosts that could migrate you to an environment that wouldn't have the same file limits and restrictions that you're currently facing.


Best of luck!



Re: how to deal with HEAVY magento website?

yes thats true; the file storage is the major problem.

but not able to track down the large files; which are causing the problem.

email usage is just 102MB in all 4 emails.

it's the main html folder; which is causing the issues; but this is so huge; that i am not able to track down the HUGE FILE which are actually creating problem.


would you please direct me to specific folders, where might have chances to get these files... like TMP, CACHE, CATALOUGE etc... would be an additional help

Re: how to deal with HEAVY magento website?

Large number of files is always a issue, you can either go for dedicated server as you will not get this kind of issue in it.


But if you are not able to managededicated server because you are new comer or don' t have enough knowledge about this then you can simply optimize your website.


You can Configure CSS and JS files, Use Varnish Caching, Image Optimization, Use CDN for your website etc. This will help you to optimize magento website.


You can check the disk usage in cpanel:

Login to cpanel >> Disk Usage under "File" tab


Re: how to deal with HEAVY magento website?

  1. TTFB Optimization.
  2. Effective Utilization of PWA.
  3. MySQL Configuration.
  4. Enable Content Delivery Network.
  5. Image Optimization.
  6. Enable Varnish Cache Tool.
  7. Eliminate Unwanted Extensions.

Re: how to deal with HEAVY magento website?

A CDN can help improve the speed of your Magento website by caching static content like images, stylesheets, and JavaScript files on servers located closer to the user. 

Re: how to deal with HEAVY magento website?

To reduce the size of your Magento website and optimize its performance: Backup your website. Analyze disk usage and delete unnecessary files. Optimize your database using Magento's built-in tool or a plugin. Compress images using tools or Magento extensions. Enable flat catalog and caching in your Magento admin panel. Consider upgrading to Magento 2 for better performance. If you need assistance, consult a Magento developer or professional.