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ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Good evening,
I'm looking into how to integrate magento with an ERP.
Currently there are 2 stores integrated with this ERP. But I do not know how integration was done and I can not get this information.
I need to integrate a new store. Any directions from who ever did what is the best way?
I know there is an intermediate DB now and then the ERP and Magento BDs.
Is it better to do the same? Copy products, clients, stocks to this intermediate DB and then move it to ERP on a daily basis?
I'm initially at Magento and I'm still exploring. Thanks.


Re: ERP Integration

Could you be more precise; which ERP we're talking about? Majority on ERP solutiona already have Magento integration available for them. For custom built software you need to have some kind data excchange interface for it and somebody who builds you custom intergation extension.

Tanel Raja

Re: ERP Integration

Hi, It is a specific ERP....


I am thinking of developing a custom module that places the data in an external database and then the ERP would have to be synchronized with that database. 


You think that it's possible? It's the better solution?

Re: ERP Integration

Hi again,


I'm trying to do a custom module that run through Cron e save info in another database.

I'm complete an example of Cron and another that Lists ProductCategories in frontend.


Now i'm trying to mixed them, uses the block/xxx.php and call the method in /cron/task.php


How i do that? I tried using "require", "use", "include" and i can't put anyone to work.


Please help.


Re: ERP Integration

If you're asking if it's possible to write and read some data from another DB? Yes, it is possible, but only for EE. With CE the answer is NO, it is not possible.


I do not believe we document this currently.

Re: ERP Integration

Good afternoon!


If you want ERP integration I can suggest FamShop ecommerce platform. As far as I know, it is integrated with Magento and over 35 ERPs. Any ERP that has the possibility to communicate with third parties can be easily integrated with Magento through FamShop.