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Magento URL Language Switch Problem

Magento URL Language Switch Problem

Hello, I am running under magento version and have multi-language stores activated. My base url is 

When I am on a product page in English (i.e. and switch to German, magento displays a 404 error page with the url This is due to the fact that in German, I customized the url as So, magento doesn't translate the customized category name nor the product. As a result, it gives as a url redirect, which doesn't exist. Basically, I want magento to understand that I made translation for categories and products. Therefore, when switched from english to german, I need magento to redirect to the german page, which is 


On the site note, I tried to get rid of the url extension ?store=, which is really bad for seo purposes because it creates duplicate pages, but didn't figure out how to remove it permanently. If you have any idea on how to remove this extension, it'd great if you could share it. 


I'd like to know how to fix the issue so that Magento redirects and translates to the correct urls. 


Please let me know. 


Thank you very much.


Re: Magento URL Language Switch Problem

Does anybody have an idea on how to fix the magento url language switch issue?

Re: Magento URL Language Switch Problem

When you switch the language, Magento is basicall looking for the same URL in that language.
One way to solve your issue is to create custome redirects.
So in your example :
- One redirect for the german store view, redirecting : /safety-security/susino-compact-3-fold-umbrella.html to /schutz-sicherheit/regenschirm-susino-kompact.html.
And for it to work the other way around :
- One redirect on the English store view, redirecting :/schutz-sicherheit/regenschirm-susino-kompact.html. to /safety-security/susino-compact-3-fold-umbrella.html 

This will work however i'm not saying its the best practice as multilanguage + fully localized url keys is always tricky.

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Re: Magento URL Language Switch Problem

Thanks for your comment. The problem is that I already have custom redirects under URL Rewrite Management, as when you "translate" urls to other language urls, Magento automatically create custom redirects. However, those custom redirects don't work when you click on the flag to switch to another language. It's like if it doesnt redirect properly.


Is there any solution to fix this issue?

Re: Magento URL Language Switch Problem

I'm unable to solve this issue. Could anybody point me to the right direction so it languague switch links redirect properly?


Thanks in advance

Re: Magento URL Language Switch Problem

up Smiley Happy

Re: Magento URL Language Switch Problem

I am having the same issue, i have a default store view and a storeview in an other language. From what i have read, the rewrite module has some bugs in it. I would like to check out this fix, but it is only tested on magento 1.8. And i have 1.9.2


for static pages, the ones without products, the following method works. but once you add products the the category and do a reindex, the custom rewrite rules are overwritten






Re: Magento URL Language Switch Problem

Hi @thezey


As an option, you may check our Store and Currency Switcher --


According to users' location, the extension will automatically direct them to the URLs of the localized stores. Also, it will automatically switch the store currency.


Hope it works for you. 


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Re: Magento URL Language Switch Problem

GeoIP Store and Currency Switcher - Our extension using MaxMind's GeoIP2 database and automatically update the database from MaxMind's official website once a day so our extension will always right automatically switch language, store, currency and tax based on visitor's location, and block separate countries and IPs. And it all for one price.

Re: Magento URL Language Switch Problem

You can try Magento Language & Currency switcher that allows merchants to automatically change the language and currency of the store based on the visitors location. The users can also change the language and currency from a drop down displayed in header/footer of the your store. 

You can also download Magento 2 version this store switcher extension:


This extension is also available at Magento Marketplace: