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SUPEE-11155 patch for Magento

Re: SUPEE-11155 patch for Magento

I had this error on with the SUPEE-1115: 


checking file js/tiny_mce/plugins/media/js/media.js

Hunk #1 FAILED at 483 (different line endings).

1 out of 1 hunk FAILED


The error indicates that the patch file can not find the suggested patch string, in my case:-


html += option("flash");


html += option("flash", "object");


The error indicates that this file can not be patched... To fix you can either:-


1. Edit: js/tiny_mce/plugins/media/js/media.js to have the required string

2. Apply the patch to the js/tiny_mce/plugins/media/js/media.js manually then remove that section from the patch file


Normally I would have already removed the failing section from the patch file to confirm that is the problem section and so option 2 suites me.



Re: SUPEE-11155 patch for Magento

Hi @garry_whichello 


It is highly recommended not to use any zipped package from any third party to patch Magento sites.


Always download the patch files from official link

For Magento1x patches visit RELEASE ARCHIVES tab.


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Re: SUPEE-11155 patch for Magento



The problem is that from the usual download page, does not appear to download the patch 11155 for version


Can you tell us where to download it?

Re: SUPEE-11155 patch for Magento

Which version of the patch were you using?

Re: SUPEE-11155 patch for Magento

Hi @summers @garry_whichello

@fuzzyjared @Flipmedia 


Please make sure you have applied all previous patches SUPEE-10975 and SUPEE-11086
then apply SUPEE-11155.


I downloaded the fresh version of Magento and applied these patches SUPEE-10975, SUPEE-11086 and SUPEE-11155 in order one by one and there was no error.


For Magento download patch SUPEE-11155 for CE (0 MB) file


Please see the attached screen shot.



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Re: SUPEE-11155 patch for Magento

Both patches SUPEE-10975 and SUPEE-11086 were already applied successfully as evidenced from my "applied.patches.list".

I am unable to apply SUPEE-11155 without error.


Guess I will end up doing a fresh install - uggh

Re: SUPEE-11155 patch for Magento

First forgive me for posting in "Magento"...


Failure of patch to complete indicates the file attempting to be patched, is different from what the patch expects...


@Mukesh Tiwari Your reason of ensuring prior patches are applied is completely correct and one of many reasons for the patch failing.


The client site we were patching is running (so no requirement for prior patches) and the reason for the patch failing was... in the past a .gitignore included "media" as opposed to "/media", thus git had ignored staging "media.js". When the master was pulled from the git repro to staging for patching and upgrade, the media.js remained silently unchanged.


We have since corrected the "greedy" .gitignore rule, staged all files excluded due to "media", from a fresh core download and applied the patch, which executed without error.


@garry_whichello  Actually updating to is not as bigger task as you might think, as long as your able to commit to the odd extension upgraded and provides the added benefit of using PHP7.2... As we near the sunset of M1 and PHP 5.6 is no longer supported this upgrade make perfect sense. The major version upgrade also makes the data migration to M2 viable!


I would suspect that anyone seeing an issue patching media.js who is using git should review their .gitignore file.



Re: SUPEE-11155 patch for Magento

Thank you @Vimal Kumar for sharing the patch. 


Hi @garry_whichello,


That must be a false positive. You can manually check the package and you can see the same files which you can see in the official Magento patch. 


However, I downloaded the same file to scan in VirusTotal and here's the result:


Here's the screenshot of the VirusTotal result as well if somehow the link given above gets expired:


By the way, we also these Prepatched files for all the Patches get released over Github as well:


We are investing time in preparing these Prepatched files because they are easy to install for new Magento developers and Magento store owners.


We do recommend using the SSH files for experienced developers. 


Thank you.


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