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Hi, we've moved a site to an identical cPanel server.


everything works greta apart from if we change any config item in admin GUI, click save, the page refreshes and gives the green "saved" message but the value reverts to the original one.


So, for example, go to an extension, change enabled to NO click save and the value changes back to YES.


Cache Cleared manually,





all deleted


no errors in http error log,


nothing remarkable in system.log, exception.log


anyone have any bright ideas ??


many thanks




Re: - Strange admin error

@afyfe ,

sometimes the values are saved but the cache is not refreshed so that its not being updated. 

try the following : 

update your configuration and save 

flush the cache 
check your values ( they should update ) 


if this not works then try updating your cache configuration in local.xml to Redis OR DB