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Google Analytics Ecommerce Setup

Google Analytics Ecommerce Setup

how to i setup Google Analytics Account for my magento ecommerce website


Re: Google Analytics Ecommerce Setup

Hi @vendorskha 


If you are using Magento 1x, please visit following page Google “Classic” Analytics and Google Universal Analytics here you can get the instructions to configure the Google Analytics.


You should go with Google Universal Analytics.

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Re: Google Analytics Ecommerce Setup

Unlike many platforms, Google itself provides simply huge opportunities for promoting and increasing traffic. Thus, if you study certain points, for example facebook ads google analytics cost data import . Indeed, for E-commerсe this is a very important point and do not miss it!

Re: Google Analytics Ecommerce Setup

Adobe Commerce, which is powered by Magento, comprises built-in reporting tools. Integrating Google Analytics with Adobe commerce will help you to make better data-driven decisions more efficiently.


‘Google Analytics’ comprises diverse reporting features, which help the organizations to understand their market position and their overall performance in a specific period. The various features of google analytics include eCommerce tracking, conversion, and goal-related tracking, demographics, visitor segmentation, and funnel visualization.


Here in this post, we have described How to set up Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking with Tag Manager in Adobe Commerce

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