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Templates Master - Email Gateways "Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception"

Templates Master - Email Gateways "Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception"

Hi Guys


I have been asked to fix a Magento site on a server with mail switched off as their mail is handled via G Suite, so the MX records point to Google etc.

The Magento server is not sending out emails and all the usual tests (sending via PHP etc) work fine.

I eventually tracked it down to the records in the Templates Master section of the admin.

The mail appears to be being sent using the settings in Templates Master -> Email -> Email Gateways -> Storage and Templates Master -> Email -> Email Gateways -> Transport

Even if I disable the default records in these sections, Magento still tries to use them.

If I set the server as the error log shows:

exception 'Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception' with message 'Network is unreachable' in /chroot/home/livewire/
Stack trace:
#0 /chroot/home/livewire/ Zend_Mail_Protocol_Abstract->_connect('tcp://smtp.gmai...')

My questions are:


1. If I install ASchroder SMTP Pro will this override the Template Master settings and allow me to send via Gmail, and, if not

2. How do I configure TM to work with Gmail?


I don't know what TM is and why it overrides the default settings under "System" for mail (I'm still a Magento noob) but at the moment password reset emails etc aren't being sent out.


Any help appreciated, and I'll post my results to help others Smiley Happy