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Cron Job + Transactional Email

Cron Job + Transactional Email


I have Magento 2.4 running. The performance is terrible and now my transactional emails are not getting sent. I think the CRON JOBs are not setup correctly or I have a bunch of modules generating emails that I do not need....

1) What does my cron tab need to look like in order to get my emails sent?

2) How should I troubleshoot the slowness?

3) Magento 2.4 came with a bunch of modules I do not need. I am starting to think they are the culprit for this bad performance. Does anybody have a list of modules I can safely disable?





Re: Cron Job + Transactional Email

Hello @ReginaNickles ,


let me answer your question one by one :


1) What does my cron tab need to look like in order to get my emails sent?


- It must be because the cron is not set or possibly any errors are there while triggering the email, run below command to install cron :

php bin/magento cron:install

also run command manually to trigger old queue :

php bin/magento cron:run


you can check your cron is set or not by command :

crontab -l


If there is any issue with cron, or any errors are getting created, you can check in log files :
the log files are inside, docroot > var > log


2) How should I troubleshoot the slowness?


- By default Magento isn't too slow, if you install a fresh setup it should be quite fast, there could be two reasons possibly :

1. If your server is low configuration, it will make huge issue with performance, the best possible scenario is you install one default magento setup in same server then you'll confirm that's issue with RAM/Processor, if that is the case, you have to upgrade your server.


2. it might be because of your third party modules, the finest and quickest approach is, change your theme to Luma and disable all custom modules on testing or staging server, and then enable one by one or in group and then observer score in google page speed insights or gtmetrix.


Let me know the result of above cases so we can think what are possible fixes.


Hope it helps !

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