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Search Engine Problems

Search Engine Problems

Hi guys,


We just launched a new website and our customers are having a hard time navigating. 


We have around 4,500 products and the search bar seems to bring up thousands of results for each specific search term we enter.


The search engine implemented doesn't seem to be working properly. We have ranges of products that can only be found from their oddly specific colour names, does anyone recommend a good search plugin that takes information only from the product name and not description?




Re: Search Engine Problems

@luke_watton There is no need for third party search.


If you want to search with description and name then go to store->attributes->product.


There select the description and then make it searchable from there.

The same you can do with Name.


Make sure to remove rest of the attributes from searchable so that search can be done only on these two attributes.



Re: Search Engine Problems

Hi @Rahul Gupta 


Thanks, that has partially sorted the issue out.


When I search for a product it's still bringing a lot of products up (hundreds), with the product matching the exact search is pages down the line.


How can i get the most relevant product to the search term to appear at the top?


Thanks in advance!

Re: Search Engine Problems

@luke_watton That is due to the reason you have added description in the searchable term.


So when you search with any particular keyword, it will show all the products which have that keyword matching the word in the description of the product.


So i would suggest to remove that from searchable instead you can add name and sku in searchable items.



Re: Search Engine Problems

@Rahul Gupta 

I can confirm that the description is definitely not added as searchable. It is only applied to SKU and Product Name.


Here's an example of what i mean... The search bar is using the words used to search like this:


Dynamic OR black OR 8oz


Instead of this:


Dynamic AND black AND 8oz


This means any product with ‘dynamic’, ‘black’ or ‘8oz’ in the product name (a lot), will show up in the search results.


Is there a way to have the search bar act in this way? (Dynamic AND black AND 8oz)


Here is a link to the website to try for yourself: