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Add Bluefoot to scheduled event CMS WYSIWYG

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Add Bluefoot to scheduled event CMS WYSIWYG

Activate Bluefoot on Scheduled Events CMS

 We have bluefoot installed on Magento EE 2.2.1 and it functions as designed, however we are trying to do scheduled events on CMS pages and the "Activate Bluefoot" button is not available in this section. 

If you go to CMS page the wysiwyg will have the activate bluefoot, but from there if you want to schedule a change to the page and open the slider "Scheduled Events" the wysiwyg editor does not show the activate bluefoot.


If there something we can do to get this to show? Is this going to be fixed? Do we need to just extend the bluefoot ourselves to fix this?



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Hi Jeff,

afaik up to M 2.2 Bluefoot is not integrated with the content scheduling mechanism, as Bluefoot in this state is merely an extension. This is supposed to change with M 2.3