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Magento 2.1 fresh Install Missing "MSRP" from Advanced Pricing

Magento 2.1 fresh Install Missing "MSRP" from Advanced Pricing

Feature request from acidreian666, posted on GitHub Jul 15, 2016

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Magento from
  2. Add Click Add Simple Product.
  3. Click Advanced Pricing.

Expected result

  1. Display a Textbox for MSRP.
  2. Special Price
  3. Special Price From
  4. Cost
  5. Tier Price

-- Actual result --

  1. Special Price
  2. Special Price From
  3. Cost
  4. Tier Price

Missing MSRP input Textbox. changing location of MSRP under Default Attribute set from Advanced Pricing to something else End result nothing still not showing up under any Group within "Add New Product"

Sorry if this is a duplicate I searched but i feel I'm the only person experiencing this.

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Comment from rganin, posted on GitHub Jul 15, 2016

To make it visible please enable MAP feature in System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Minimum Advertised Price

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Comment from acidreian666, posted on GitHub Jul 15, 2016

So I enabled MAP feature in System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Minimum Advertised Price. After reviewing how they have implemented this feature it seems cool but to my knowledge its an incorrect.

I have a Massive database list of products with this prices.

  1. MSRP = manufacturer's suggested retail price (Also known as Retail price.)
  2. Cost = My Cost Of Product
  3. MAP= Minimum Advertised Price
  4. Price = The Price I'm Selling the product for.

As you see there is a difference between MSRP & MAP. Sites like Amazon or Ebay sell products for MAP or below MAP pricing. Sites like Bestbuy or NewEgg sell products for MSRP & MAP.

MSRP should be where you enter full retail price and with frontend displaying a MSRP price with a line through it and a % showing 10% or 30% off retail. AKA 30% off retail (MSRP) usually is the MAP price.

The use of this MSRP function to my knowledge is incorrect. For people like me whom have products that sell for Full Retail (MSRP) and products that only sell for minimum advertised price (MAP) also know as what is the min price you can sell for without breaking the sale policy for most vendors.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I cannot be the only person with the point of view of how things work.

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Comment from asemenenko, posted on GitHub Jul 18, 2016

@acidreian666 i agree that we need to have an ability to specify both MSRP price and MAP price on the admin product edit page. For now if there is a need to show MAP lightbox with crossed MSRP price - merchant needs to specify MSRP price for the product. I added this to the backlog.

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Comment from nikoelgatito, posted on GitHub Aug 20, 2016


As we are also experiencing issues related to the new "MSRP/MAP" in Magento 2, I would like to add some facts.

First of all, this was a huge mistake - MSRP and MAP are very different. The only part they have in common is that they are both provided by the manufacturer.

These are both descriptions following my personal knowledge, which is how it actually is.

MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) A suggested price that has been set by the manufacturer to identify the resale value of its product in a specific market. This usually indicates the highest price (value) at which a product can be sell and most retailers will sell below that price. Most regular prices or any defined pricing subcategories in different markets will base their calculation on this price. These rarely change, mostly only when there is market/dollar fluctuations or when a specific product depreciates. -Suggested -Highest selling price -Helps retailer determining the selling price

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) An imposed lower price limit which depending on the manufacturer's policy will prevent the retailer to advertise or even sell a product below the set MAP. These are more often changed by the manufacturer to control the saleability/profitability balance of their products while preventing a loss of value due to unfair, overly aggressive and destructive pricing/advertising strategies. This allows to stabilize the market for their products and it also prevents ruining the brand image. These policies can be specific and can apply to one or both online and brick and mortar commerce. -Imposed -Lowest selling price -Prevents retailer pricing abuse

For more details, both are described in Wikipedia

As many other retailers and suppliers, we do rely on these distinct functionnalities to operate our businesses and I'm affraid that this huge mistake will prevent us from switching to the new Magento 2 plateform. I think that in 2016 both MSRP and MAP should be well understood by and completely integrated into any reliable shopping cart.

We hope that this will soon get resolved.

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Comment from acidreian666, posted on GitHub Aug 21, 2016

@nikoelgatito +1 thanks for support.

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Comment from iknowtech, posted on GitHub Aug 21, 2016

I just setup Magento for the first time, to offer it as an option to client for store they want developed. This is a Distributor who would be selling at wholesale, and they need to be able to show the MAP pricing and MSRP pricing separately, as they need this information to visible to the buyers who will be reselling the product.

This definitely seems like a major oversight, and a clear misunderstanding of what MAP and MSRP are? Seems hard to imagine that would even be issue with a Cart Development company?

My first time integrating Magento and presenting it as an option, and this is a non starter for me right out of the box.

Occasional Contributor

 I can add my vote that this needs to be changed. MSRP for many vendors has nothing to do with MAP. They are utilitised in very different ways, and are not linked.  On top of that, turning on MAP shouldn't automatically hide prices on the home screen. MAP for many vendors is used to calculate the actual selling price, and then displays that against MSRP to show how much is being taken off of the "suggested" price (not the Actual Manufacturer's price, since that's the "behind the counter" information, NOT information that customers should see.


 So am I reading this right? I can't just show the MSRP along with the selling price? I often show the MSRP as well as what we sell the product for to show the value in what the customer is buying.

Ben Marks
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For me the salient point regarding this is from Github:


“MSRP should be completely separated from MAP pricing. Many people display MSRP without the need to hide actual product prices.”


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We are in the final stages of migration from 1.9.3 to 2.1.3 and now find out that we cannot display the MSRP.

On our current 1.9.3 site we show MSRP and Sell price


The code we use only shows the MSRP if it is greater than the Sell Price

<?php if ($_product->getMsrp() > $_product->getPrice()) : ?>

<?php echo $this->__('MSRP: ') ?> <?php echo Mage::helper('core')->currency($_product->getMsrp(),true,false); ?> 

<?php endif; ?>

Does anyone know how we could add this type of code to Magento 2x