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Magento 2.1 fresh Install Missing "MSRP" from Advanced Pricing

Magento 2.1 fresh Install Missing "MSRP" from Advanced Pricing

Feature request from acidreian666, posted on GitHub Jul 15, 2016

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Magento from
  2. Add Click Add Simple Product.
  3. Click Advanced Pricing.

Expected result

  1. Display a Textbox for MSRP.
  2. Special Price
  3. Special Price From
  4. Cost
  5. Tier Price

-- Actual result --

  1. Special Price
  2. Special Price From
  3. Cost
  4. Tier Price

Missing MSRP input Textbox. changing location of MSRP under Default Attribute set from Advanced Pricing to something else End result nothing still not showing up under any Group within "Add New Product"

Sorry if this is a duplicate I searched but i feel I'm the only person experiencing this.

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“MSRP should be completely separated from MAP pricing. Many people display MSRP without the need to hide actual product prices.”


Agree that this needs to a be a high-priority feature.

New Member

Any update on this? As all retailers know, MSRP and MAP are very different.


The current MAP feature in 2.0 is cool but needs to be corrected to the actual way it should work. Here is what I propose.


Price, this is the price the item is sold for on the site

MSRP, this is the manufacturers suggested retail price for the product

Cost, this is the cost we paid for the product we're selling on the site

MAP, this is the Minumum Advertised Price the manufacurer allows us to display.


1. If we have a number in the Price field it shows as the main price

2. If we have a number in the MSRP field it shows the MSRP and the Price field and then shows the % discount difference. (example, Price is $10, MSRP is $20 it shows additional field 50% off

3. If we have a number in the MAP that is higher then the price field, the price is hidden until checkout or hover, or any other options. 


I would love to see this as it would be an awesome feature that all modern shopping carts should have.

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Completely agree. We've gone far down the new installation path to now find this out is crazy. Really poor planning and execution of the sales workflow, as most will use MSRP and MAP as separate entities.

M2 Certified

Totally agree.


It's such a basic sales strategy for many merchants to display the MSRP alongside the actual price (perhaps also showing cost saving or percentage discount).


Magento 2 is a 21st century ecommerce platform. This should be standard functionality.

Occasional Contributor

Has anyone come up with a way of getting this to work?