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Magento 2.1 fresh Install Missing "MSRP" from Advanced Pricing

Feature request from acidreian666, posted on GitHub Jul 15, 2016

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Magento from
  2. Add Click Add Simple Product.
  3. Click Advanced Pricing.

Expected result

  1. Display a Textbox for MSRP.
  2. Special Price
  3. Special Price From
  4. Cost
  5. Tier Price

-- Actual result --

  1. Special Price
  2. Special Price From
  3. Cost
  4. Tier Price

Missing MSRP input Textbox. changing location of MSRP under Default Attribute set from Advanced Pricing to something else End result nothing still not showing up under any Group within "Add New Product"

Sorry if this is a duplicate I searched but i feel I'm the only person experiencing this.

Who rated this idea