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Payment method charge (feature request)

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Payment method charge (feature request)

Feature request from m-spyratos, posted on GitHub Dec 21, 2017

I would like to request the ability to add additional charges depending on the payment method that a user has chosen.

For example:

  • [ ] Bank Deposit: Free
  • [ ] Cash on Delivery: + $3.00

Paid solutions already exist for this, like Extra Charge of Payment Method from Emipro, but I believe that this should be part of the core functionality of Magento.

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Comment from davidverholen, posted on GitHub Jan 02, 2018

@magento-engcom-team If I would be willing to provide a PR for this, how is this handled from here? I think it first has to be decided if it should be included and at least some acceptance criteria to be defined? Is this even the right place or should the conversation be moved to the forums? Just asking because some time ago I already created a module doing this for cash on delivery.