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Product page - Inquiry button with Pop-up Form

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Product page - Inquiry button with Pop-up Form

Requesting Feature for Product Inquiry Button with Popup form.


Description: On Product page, generally besides Add to cart button, an Inquiry button. On clicking the Inquiry button, a popup form opens. On submitting the form, information sent to Dashboard as well as Email include the form fields plus the Product details(embedded 1st image, title, link) of the product from which the form was submitted.


Product Inquiry button is seen in almost all E-commerce sites. So, it would be great if it is a part of Magento 2.

Robert Rand
M2 Certified

Hi Shailesh,


The majority of eCommerce sites that I've worked on and shopped on do not have a product inquiry form as described, but luckily, there are existing extensions for Magento 2 that provide this feature. For example:


Shailesh G

Hi Robert,

There are a lot of Product Inquiry Extensions (free + paid). (Link)

So far the sites I have been working on have this common requirement. 

Most of the time, the Visitors dont want to buy the product straight away. They want some more details, before making the purchase. If they cant find a inquiry button, they have to go looking for a form on contact page(or other means).  It makes sense to include it by default.

Robert Rand
M2 Certified

Yes, there are definitely other extensions available. Here's another example:


In general, I find that it's best to go through the Magento Marketplace as a first-choice, rather than Google. Extensions in the Magento Marketplace have undergone code review, which is not always the case for extensions you'll find from other sources via Google. I also try to suggest Magento 2 Extensions that are certified as compatible with Magento 2.3 since, as of next month, it will be the only supported version of Magento 2.x. I don't have a favorite Product Inquiry extension, but when giving examples, I do try to be selective about meeting minimum criteria.


I've had clients that absolutely needed product inquiry extensions in the past, but I have to say, they were the exception to the rule. That may have to do with the markets that I've focused on - primarily in North America. If you're selling school supplies, for example, you really aren't trying to encourage a shopper to ask questions about a box of crayons. You're trying to encourage them to checkout in the moment. If you're selling expensive, complex products, then you want them to be able to connect with your sales specialists quickly and easily, but in that case, you may be using features like live chat and proactively trying to connect with shoppers.


I'd be happy to see this feature in Magento's core as you've suggested, but alternatively, I'm perfectly satisfied with the minority of merchants that I've worked with that needed this feature relying on readily available extensions. Just sharing a different experience, which should not take away from your experience with the projects you've been involved with.