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Remove "Update" button on Billing Address

Remove "Update" button on Billing Address

The "Update" button for the billing address field is completely counterintuitive and bad user design. Customers do not expect to need to (and should not have to) hit an "Update" button for their billing address to take on an order. We've taken hundreds of calls from customers who don't understand why their billing address is incorrect on their order.


It would be much more intuitive if, when the checkbox for "My billing and shipping address are the same" is unchecked, address validation on the billing address ran when the customer clicked the "Place Order" button.

Conversion rates go down for every step you put between a customer and hitting the "Place Order" button. This counterintuitive "Update" button step undoubtedly has a negative effect on conversion rates and should be fixed.

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Agreed. We had to customize this method on our checkout process as users never saw this update button so users were constantly getting declined cards and we were losing huge conversion rates.


Were having the same issue and are getting a lot of complaints. Any suggestions on what should be done?

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I would say this is the correct place to keep a request like that - it's not really a programming question. 

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@mousepad @jhmielowskiand others in this thread: 

can you clarify how you're getting declined cards when the Place Order button is disabled until the customer clicks "Update"? The customer should not be able to place the order in the first place. 

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The place order button is not disabled until you click update. The customer can click place order or update. Doesn’t require it

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@mousepad I tested on 2.2 and 2.3-dev, and in both cases the "Place Order" button is disabled if you are editing the billing address. Once you click Update, the "Place Order" button is enabled.


What is your Magento 2 version? 


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When checking out, whe paying via the Braintree CC option, if the customer chooses is shipping to an address that is different than the billing address and enters a different billing address at checkout, the Place Order button is active before the customer updates the address. Because it is not disabled, if the customer does not push update the address (most of the time), the billing address is overwritten by the shipping address causing the credit card to reject the address if AVS is enabled and also causing the customer invoice to display the shipping address for both shipping and billing. If the customer chooses to pay a different way, the Place Order button is disabled until the customer has pushed the update address button see: Tutuapp 9Apps Aptoide

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@zmirli_nazim I cannot reproduce this for Braintree CC payment method, see below. This is why I was asking for the Magento version you're using. 

Place Order button is disabledPlace Order button is disabled

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I know this is an old thread. However, if a customer enters credit card info (which they are likely to do) without hitting the Update button, it will enable the Place Order button.  Placing the order will then fail stating that payment details are required, even though filled out and just needing an update button press.


It seems to me that if we're enabling the Place order button once the credit card details are entered, we could also validate the billing address at the same time and do away with the update button.