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Why am I experiencing slow performance on my Magento website?

Why am I experiencing slow performance on my Magento website?

Hello everyone, I'm experiencing slow performance on my Magento website, and I'm seeking advice on how to resolve it. Pages take a long time to load, and navigating between different sections feels sluggish. I would appreciate any suggestions or tips to improve the performance of my Magento website. Thank you!

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Here are some tips to improve the performance of your Magento website:

1. Enable caching: Activate Magento's built-in caching features like FPC and Redis to significantly improve page load times. Also implement Varnish cache if possible.

2. Optimize images: Compress, resize and optimize all product images using tools like TinyPNG. Reduce image file sizes for faster loads.

3. Minify JS/CSS/HTML: Enable the built-in minification or use extensions like Fooman Speedster for even better file size reductions.

4. Use a CDN: Load static assets in media folder from a content delivery network like Cloudflare CDN or KeyCDN for faster delivery.

5. Check hosting and server resources: Make sure your hosting has adequate memory, CPU cores, MySQL config allocated as per Magento requirements. Preferably a Managed Magento Hosting is recommended for optimized performance.

6. Eliminate blocking calls: Identify and eliminate external service calls that block page rendering using Chrome DevTools Network panel analysis.

7. Set up indexers correctly: Reindex as needed and set indexers to Update on Save or Update by Schedule for optimal performance.

Start with the basics like caching and media optimization first. Gradually implement other solutions like using Varnish, CDNs, code optimizations etc. Monitor speed improvements along the way. Let me know if you need any other specifics!