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2GB ram + LiteSpeed or 4GB without LS?

2GB ram + LiteSpeed or 4GB without LS?


I'm currently using a VPS with this configuration:


16+ CPUs Equal Share
2.5 GB RAM
RAID-10 HDD (not SSD)

CentOS 64bit + Apache + CPanel


But the back-end performance is extremely slow and frustrating (the front-end is slow, but useable).


The hosting statistics shows that very rarely We're using above 2.5GB of ram, the average is 1.7GB.


What do you think causing that?


Also, to this system do you think it make sense to move to a 4GB setup, or 2GB with LiteSpeed should work better? (I don't know if LiteSpeed can lower the memory usage and provide better performance, It's a total noob question).




Re: 2GB ram + LiteSpeed or 4GB without LS?

Why not go with more RAM and still use LiteSpeed (preferably with LiteMage Cache as well)? 


You can allocate the extra RAM to MySQL for MySQL Query Cache and InnoDB Buffer Pool. 


Also, while you are at it, consider switching from the slow HDD to SSD as well. 

Re: 2GB ram + LiteSpeed or 4GB without LS?

  1. The slow performance is likely due to the resource-intensive nature of the HDD storage and Apache web server.
  2. Upgrading to SSD storage can greatly improve overall server performance.
  3. Consider switching from Apache to LiteSpeed Web Server for better efficiency and lower memory usage.
  4. Monitor server performance and optimize website configurations for better results.

Re: 2GB ram + LiteSpeed or 4GB without LS?



I would consider a cloud hosting provider such as Amazon AWS, then you can easily scale as you need. Per your design... 


It's not Apache. 


Elasticsearch needs a min of 4GB, and if your server is sharing the database, then I'd recommend at least 8GB of RAM. You can go without ES, but you would need to move to cloud hosting and use a special module. 


Your server is probably also using swap. You really should be using all RAM, and even your design should move all caching to the Cloud as much as possible. For example, a CDN as Cloudflare, and media using Amazon S3 w/ Cloudflare. 


Good luck!