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Cache Management Problem

Cache Management Problem

Hi, please i will like to know if cache can be disabled on a live magento website and also the implication. I am managing a magento e-commerce site, my boss also makes update to the site and she is not okay with having to clear cache after 'almost every update'. I want to disable cache and clear it at intervals. Please what effect will this have on my website. The site is built with magento 1.9


Thank you.


Re: Cache Management Problem

If you disable cache management then your site performance will be decrease and also takes each time page to load much time compare to cached page. Its not reliable way to disable cache in live site. if you need any updates in site just clear cache or you can create a simple script for clear cache and set it inside cron so your cache will automatically clear after some interval of times.



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Re: Cache Management Problem

Thanks for your response @Rakesh Jesadiya . Kindly assist with links or sample code to help clear the cron as you suggested. 



Re: Cache Management Problem

To flush cache programmatically:


create a file shell/cacheflush.php:




Then run it with php:


php shell/cacheflush.php


Re: Cache Management Problem

there is no point to do any work on live shop in business hours.

try to update your code at night.


if you really need to change anything - just click flush cache storage in magento admin.


do not disable cache.

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Re: Cache Management Problem

Disabling the cache on a live Magento website can negatively affect performance, increase server load, potentially harm SEO, and disrupt personalized content. While it may be useful for development, it is generally recommended to use caching for optimal website performance. Instead, consider exploring granular cache management options to minimize the need for frequent cache clearance after updates. Testing and monitoring are essential after any caching changes.