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Hosting magento 2.3 on resellerclub Cloud or VPS

Hosting magento 2.3 on resellerclub Cloud or VPS

Has any one tried hosting magento 2.2 on Their prices are unbeatable for both vps and cloud and they are both managed by them.
  • for vps 3vcpu and 6Gb ram for 50$/month
  • for cloud 6vcpu and 6gb ram for 15$/month (extra 1gb ram 1$/month, cpu 2$/month)

Can any one share their experience with this hosting provider.


Re: Hosting magento 2.3 on resellerclub Cloud or VPS

Hi @mohammed_dahwi 


All the hosting providers are good if they are compatible with magento stack. It depends on your requirement and numver of site visitors which plan will be suitable for you.

I haven't experienced with resellerclub but you can talk to them for their best magento plans and take a look on below link.

If you are at initial level you can go with any shared plan that will be perfect.

I will suggest A2 hosting or Siteground hosting for magento setup.

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Re: Hosting magento 2.3 on resellerclub Cloud or VPS

Do note that their servers may not be setup and optimized for Magento and their support team may not be familiar with Magento related issues. 


You should also be aware that ResellerClub is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), which acquired many large hosting providers and they have quite a reputation. You may want to Google about EIG before deciding whether you want to go with any of their brands. 

Re: Hosting magento 2.3 on resellerclub Cloud or VPS

When considering a hosting provider like ResellerClub for Magento 2.2, it's important to assess their reputation, performance, and support.

Remember, pricing should not be the sole deciding factor. It's important to find a hosting provider that can offer reliable performance, excellent support, and the necessary features to ensure a smooth operation for your Magento 2.2 site.

I do not have any experience with ResellerClub but I am a big fan of the Devrims hosting, they are great with their services and have a technical support team 24/7 to assist you with all your queries.