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Magento hosting memory requirements / configuration

Magento hosting memory requirements / configuration



I have questions regarding a Magento 2 build with a custom theme, around 2100 products and number of extensions. It has been running for a week or so on 8GB RAM and 8 Cores in a 1&1 Cloud, we have had many ElasticSearch crashes (at least one per day) where we have had to start Elastic Search due to 'No alive nodes found in your cluster', on average we have received 1 order per day during this period, so there is no huge traffic requirement currently.


The hosting environment is is dedicated Plesk Onyx / Ubuntu, 8Core, 8GB, 200GB SSD.


Our developers have suggested increasing the RAM to 20GB to cope with the requirements of MySQL (using 4-5GB currently at peak times), NGinx (using 4GB at peak times) and ElasticSearch (using 3-6GB at peak times). 


Is it common for a relatively low traffic site with a couple of thousand products to require this amount of resources?


Could there be other problems with the website build or server configuration that we would should be questioning? 


Any advice would be appreciated.


Many thanks




Re: Magento hosting memory requirements / configuration

Hello @silversiderich


recently we have a similar issue with products (9 lack)


so we tried one third-party server:-


It is working fine until 2 lack, hope you can try 15 days trial and then after you can change if working fine.


hope it will help you.


If you like then give kudos or mark as solution.



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Sunil Patel
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Re: Magento hosting memory requirements / configuration

20GB of RAM sounds a bit overkill for your situation. 


Are your developers responsible for managing and tweaking/optimizing the server? 


If you don't have a server administrator who is familiar with both server management and Magento, you may want to consider hiring one or going with a Magento focused host so they will be able to assist with optimizing the server for your store. 

Re: Magento hosting memory requirements / configuration

Hi @silversiderich


It does sound like overkill for your situation.  Do you have SSH access where you can use tools to figure out what exactly is using up all the resources?  It really sounds like something is being quite the hog on your MySQL resources.  It could be as simple as one of the modules you have installed.  Have you tried turning them all off and then turning just one on at a time?  However it could also be a combination of a couple of modules.


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Re: Magento hosting memory requirements / configuration

how many people do you visit on the site? that you have such a load Robot Indifferent

Re: Magento hosting memory requirements / configuration

you have no information about daily sales qty,


please check your stats and total database size,

also ELK stack needs some ram to operate properly.


if you have really low traffic, then your peak usage is very strange.

system needs some review.

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Re: Magento hosting memory requirements / configuration

For a Magento 2 site with around 2100 products and a custom theme, experiencing ElasticSearch crashes, here are some key points to consider:

  1. Increasing the RAM to 20GB can help with resource requirements for MySQL, NGinx, and ElasticSearch, especially if you're experiencing crashes and performance issues.

  2. Resource requirements can vary based on factors like the complexity of the theme, the number of extensions, database size, and traffic.

  3. Other potential issues to investigate include Magento configuration, extension audit for conflicts or poorly coded extensions, server configuration, Elasticsearch configuration, and implementing server monitoring.

  4. Consult with Magento developers or system administrators for a thorough review and personalized advice based on your setup.

  5. Keep your Magento installation, themes, extensions, and server software up to date with patches and updates for optimal performance and stability.