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Server setting

Server setting

Hello friends, who can help me set up a server for installing mangeto 2


Re: Server setting

Hi @waterlife4c004 ,

Please go through above link which contains all information.


Problem Solved? Accept as Solution!


Hope it helps!


Ankit Jasani

Re: Server setting

  1. Choose a hosting provider and OS (e.g., Ubuntu).
  2. Install prerequisites: web server (Apache/Nginx), PHP, and a database server (MySQL/MariaDB).
  3. Configure web server and PHP settings to meet Magento 2 requirements.
  4. Create a database and user for Magento 2.
  5. Download Magento 2 from the official website or via composer.
  6. Run the Magento 2 installation script through CLI or web setup wizard.
  7. Set proper file permissions and ownership for Magento 2 files.
  8. Enable SSL for security (HTTPS).
  9. Optionally, install extensions or customize as needed.

If you are searching for a hosting provider, consider using Devrims for Magento hosting, as it comes highly recommended.