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mySQL 8 vs mariaDB

mySQL 8 vs mariaDB

Hi to all, we are setting up a new magento store and would like to know if there is a preferred choice of database for the latest version of Magento? The host has asked if we prefer mySQL 8 or mariaDB and not 100% sure, looking online I don't see anything that helps.


Any suggestions? The site has a few thousand products and might get 10000 hits a day when its well established.


Cheers M


Re: mySQL 8 vs mariaDB

Hello @malhyp ,

For magento 2 you need 

  • MySQL 8.0 for on-premise installations
  • MariaDB 10.4 for Magento Commerce Cloud projects

Magento is also compatible, but has not been tested and is not recommended, with MySQL 5.7.9, MariaDB 10.2, and Percona 5.7.


Magento only uses MySQL features compatible with MariaDB. MariaDB may not be compatible with all MySQL features, however; so be sure to research compatibility issues before using a feature in your Magento module.


Reindexing on MariaDB 10.4 takes more time compared to other MariaDB or MySQL versions


Re: mySQL 8 vs mariaDB

Both MySQL and MariaDB will work with Magento. 


Just a note that the latest MySQL 8 removed Query Caching which is a feature that may help with Magento performance in certain circumstances. 

Re: mySQL 8 vs mariaDB

Hello  malhyp,


You should be aware of a few key differences between mySQL 8 and mariaDB:

  1. mySQL 8 is built on the latest version of the MySQL database platform. This means that it has all the latest features and improvements, including improved performance and scalability.
  2. mySQL 8 supports a wider range of data types than mariaDB. This includes more complex structures like arrays and objects.
  3. mySQL 8 has better support for joins and referential integrity than mariaDB.

All of these features make mySQL 8 a better choice for certain applications.


MySQL 8 and MariaDB are two popular open-source relational database systems. They both offer several features that make them useful for different purposes. Here are some key differences between the two systems:- MySQL 8 is faster and more memory efficient than MariaDB.- MySQL 8 supports batch processing, which makes it ideal for data analysis and automation tasks.- MariaDB has built-in support for JSON, making it a good choice if you need to work with large amounts of data that is formatted in JSON format.


I hope this information will help you to choose between MySQL and mariaDB.



Rex M


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Re: mySQL 8 vs mariaDB

MariaDB and MySQL have similarities but also differences. Both meet enterprise requirements and allow for easy migration between them. However, MariaDB generally outperforms MySQL in terms of speed, performance, and replication. While MySQL remains popular, its popularity is declining while MariaDB is gaining traction, preferred by notable companies like WordPress, GitHub, and Google Cloud.

MariaDB excels in speed, performance, and innovation as an open-source and free option. It offers faster development and releases, data warehousing/analytics support, and distributed SQL. On the other hand, MySQL is widely used, easy to set up, and user-friendly. It has made scalability improvements but may experience some performance issues with lower numbers of connections.

For smaller-scale sites with fewer connections and no plans for extensive scalability, MariaDB is a better choice. However, it's important to consider that while MariaDB is free, support for it comes at an additional cost.
Choosing between MariaDB and MySQL comes down on the personal need factor. As whoever matches the users requirements.