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Checkout Page Modification

Checkout Page Modification

Please anyone guides me to the checkout page modification.

I would like to add Note, Option, Email and Delivery date in the checkout page before submit the order for Magento 2.

It should be also appreared in the order page.


Thank you for all help!


Re: Checkout Page Modification

There are many extension for this but what I see is most them are compatible with Magento 1.9x or lesser versions. Extension providers are working on to update their extensions for Magento 2. You gotta wait for sometime.

Re: Checkout Page Modification

I know there are many extension but I would like to know exactly where to modify if I would like to do it by myself.

I saw many posts to do it but it is not for magento 2.

Re: Checkout Page Modification

Hi @mkz71, you might find the documentation helpful: Let me know if you don't find what you're looking for there and I'll try to do some more digging for you.


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