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Edit Order Magento 2

Edit Order Magento 2

Why default magento is not allowing to edit the order without cancel the existing order? 


Re: Edit Order Magento 2

Hello @gkarthick87,


We are not probably the ones who can answer why there is no such functionality in the core.



The major problem when editing orders is that the total calculation is made based on the actual store settings. These settings can get changed from the moment of order creation to the moment of order editing, which can trigger unpredictable outcomes after the total gets calculated.

For example,

Changing the tax rate after the order is placed will result in an absolutely different grand total when adding a product to the order (when editing) as the new tax rate will influence other products as well.

The correct workaround would be not to edit an existing order but create a new one and thus avoid any unpredictable results.

It can be on the conscience of store admins but cause plenty of new bugs and issues. Or, there could be some other reason. =)




Order editing is possible with the help of extensions, including some products of ours:



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Re: Edit Order Magento 2

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Re: Edit Order Magento 2

Dear gkarthick87,


We haven't read your code in detail, but on a general level: From a business logic standpoint editing an existing order should be restricted/avoided as it is tied to accounting/bookkeeping. Respecting accounting standards, the correct way is to create some kind of order that will adjust the existing order (cancel, add, change price, etc).



Sloboda Studio

Re: Edit Order Magento 2

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