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Exporting / importing products

Exporting / importing products

Due to several errors we decided to do a clean install on a different location. Now we want to export / import the products to the new installation.
When we try to export products. (simple / configurable) including attributes to a new installation it constantly fails.
Data validation is failed. Please fix errors and re-upload the file..
1. Please make sure attribute "name" is not empty. in rows:
Adding a name will not help. It will get stuck on price, attribute set and so on.
After adding No in the empty fields it says Specified url key is already exist in rows
Is it required to manually create all attributes and sets on the new system before importing the products? If so is there a possibility to export all the product attributes?
Thanks in advanced

Re: Exporting / importing products



Yes, in new install you need to create the same attribute sets and attributes as in old installation. You wouldn't have to create all the attributes yourself as by default Magento provides Default attribute set with a list of pre-set product attributes. You need to add other attribute sets (of there were any in old installation) and new attributes.


In default Magento there is no way to export/import attribute sets with attributes, so you will have to re-create them manually in new installation or use extension, like Store Manager for Magento (you can download free 14-day version from the link in my signature) and using it you can transfer data, here is tutorial -


After attribute sets and attributes are created, you will be able to import product data assigning corresponding attribute values. Just mind that Magento has the list of required fields you need to include in your file, like - SKU, product type, attribute set, price etc.

I'm recommending to create at least 1 product manually in new install and export it. You will have format with columns and info in them to which you have to adjust your import file to.

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Re: Exporting / importing products



Thanks for your response. We've recreated all the attributes on the new magento, but now it stops on.

Value for 'atributename' attribute contains incorrect value, see acceptable values on settings specified for Admin,

After i excluded all of the error given fields i recieved this error. is this a bug like people are mentioning online?

1. Specified url key is already exist in rows

Thanks, Jur