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Magento or wordpress as CMS

Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

thanks for your information


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Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

thanks tor the post


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Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

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Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

I'm also thinking to move my website from WordPress to Magento but I'm a new user of Magento but If I'll face any issue I'll definitely ask on this forum. 

Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

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Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

Hello @grandtyresAU 

Greetings for the day!

you can choose 'Magento' for whole website. Magento can be used as good CMS platform too. It comes with all in one package.

All the best.

Stay safe!

Take care.

Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

Neither Magento or WordPress is a CMS.  Magento is an ecommerce platform, and WordPress is a blog engine.  If you truly need a CMS with real CMS features, don't go with either.


If you need mainly ecommerce with a little content, Magento is the best.


If you need one of:

a) A small site with a little content but not much functionality (brochure-style) or

b) A blog with regular bloggy updates


Then WordPress will suit fine.


If you truly need Content Management, with granular permissions, different content types with different content templates (not talking about theme/design templates), robust features with per-page-level functionality, and built on a modern PHP 7 namespace object oriented framework, then I would suggest Joomla or Drupal.  Joomla if you need community-based features, and Drupal if you have a lot of data processing.


If you need something with extremely custom feature sets, then frameworks are probably more what you're after.  Laravel is currently the most popular, but CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Symfony, and Yii are all viable options depending on your needs.


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Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

Hello @grandtyresAU 


How are you doing? 

There is a vast difference between WordPress and Magento. Let me guide you to select the perfect CMS for your requirements. 


If you have a requirement for an e-commerce store then Magento is the perfect CMS for an online store. You can also hire a Magento certified developer for the development of your store at cost-effective fees.


For the blog, my suggestion is to go with WordPress as it is one of the easiest and most used platforms for blogging purposes.


Hope this helps.