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Magento or wordpress as CMS

Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

@grandtyresAU wrote:


As our business requirement blog is very important on our store ,

running Magento 2 at the moment

which below option is best strategy and better SEO and performance ?

1- Wordpress as CMS , homepage , blog and use Magento as store only

2- Whole website Magento

3- Just use wordpress as blog and Magento on store

4- any other idea?



I always like Wordpress as it is more reliable an best CMS. I install my SMM Panel website on it. 

Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

یکی از بهترین مراجع استعلام قیمت میلگرد فولادشاپ هست که براتون لینکش رو قرار میدم امیدوارم به کارتون بیاد