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Using Stripe with a Magento headless website

Using Stripe with a Magento headless website



I'm developing a website connected to a Magento 2 store through the Magento REST API.


I now need to provide some payment methods.


In my specific case (headless development), what would be the most suitable:


- installing and configuring a Stripe Payment Gateway module into Magento?
- creating a Stripe account and then use the Stripe Payment API trough a new Magento module (e.g., REST API endpoint)?


Or any other option... any advice would be very much appreciated.




Re: Using Stripe with a Magento headless website

Hi @david_iux 


Yes, I understand the functionality which you are trying to achieve


For that the approach which you have define its correct and i would suggest you to go with the same.


But additional suggestion is choose a proper extension which already provides you the API so you don't need to build from scratch.


So installed and configured Stripe payment gateway extension at the backend of Magento.


Then use stripe payment API on your headless setup it means use API for the data transformation between headless and your Magento backend setup.


Also if you are planning to implement the same on mobile App - then i would suggest you to use available SDK to implement the same on mobile app.


It will works.


Hope it helps !

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Re: Using Stripe with a Magento headless website

Hi @david_iux,
For your headless development setup, I think using the Stripe Payment API directly through a new Magento module would be the most suitable option. This would allow you to maintain full control over the payment flow and provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

Here are the general steps you would need to take:
- Create a Stripe account and obtain the necessary API keys.
- Develop a new Magento module that implements the Stripe Payment API for payment processing.
- Configure the Magento API to allow access to the payment module.
- Integrate the payment module into your website's checkout flow, making the necessary API calls to the payment module to initiate payment and retrieve payment status.
- Keep in mind that implementing payment processing involves handling sensitive financial information, so you should take care to ensure the security of your payment module and the information it handles.

Stripe has a detailed API documentation and integration guides available on their website that can help you get started. Good luck with your headless development project!