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Web Element in the List Using Selenium Magento

Web Element in the List Using Selenium Magento

Hi Everybody, I am new to selenium, I am learning selenium and trying to get a job in Automation testing using selenium with Magento. Could you please give me some real-time interview questions on selenium and guide me on how to prepare for the interview with real-time scenarios. I am confused about some topics also like how will I find more than one web element in the list using Selenium? Can anyone selenium expert who suggests to me?


Re: Web Element in the List Using Selenium Magento

Here are the question which you can phase:

  • Q: Please explain the various Selenium components.
  • could-you-state-the-limitations-of-selenium"Q: Could you state the limitations of Selenium?
  • Q: What are the different types of locators in Selenium?
  • Q: Can you explain the difference between assert and verify commands in Selenium?
  • Q: What do you understand by XPath in Selenium? Can you tell the difference between “/” and “//” in XPath?
  • Q: How will you launch the browser using WebDriver?
  • Q: Please explain how to find if an element is displayed on the screen.
  • Q: What do you mean by the Same Origin Policy? How to handle it?

To know more questions visit our blog post.

Re: Web Element in the List Using Selenium Magento

Hey, hope you are doing well. I am no expert but have attended a selenium interview in the past, most of the Interview Questions were covered from here. Also, if your a beginner you start with the basic questions, try to understand the concepts and apply it problems,  this will help you know where you really stand. 

1. What is automation testing, and what are its advantages?
2. Why should Selenium be selected as a testing tool for web applications or systems?
3. What are the disadvantages of using Selenium as a testing tool?
4. What is meant by Selenium Suite and what are its different components?
5. What is meant by Selenese? Explain different types of Selenium commands
6. What is meant by a locator and name a few different types of locators present in Selenium.
7. State the major difference between “assert” and “verify” commands in Selenium.
8. What is meant by an exception test in Selenium?
9. What is meant by XPath in Selenium. Explain XPath Absolute and XPath Relative.
10. Can selenium be used to launch web browsers?

All the very best for your interviewSmiley Happy

Do post the questions you've been asked here. Thanks