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Web Element in the List Using Selenium Magento


Web Element in the List Using Selenium Magento

Hi Everybody, I am new to selenium, I am learning selenium and trying to get a job in Automation testing using selenium with Magento. Could you please give me some real-time interview questions on selenium and guide me on how to prepare for the interview with real-time scenarios. I am confused about some topics also like how will I find more than one web element in the list using Selenium? Can anyone selenium expert who suggests to me?


Re: Web Element in the List Using Selenium Magento

Here are the question which you can phase:

  • Q: Please explain the various Selenium components.
  • could-you-state-the-limitations-of-selenium"Q: Could you state the limitations of Selenium?
  • Q: What are the different types of locators in Selenium?
  • Q: Can you explain the difference between assert and verify commands in Selenium?
  • Q: What do you understand by XPath in Selenium? Can you tell the difference between “/” and “//” in XPath?
  • Q: How will you launch the browser using WebDriver?
  • Q: Please explain how to find if an element is displayed on the screen.
  • Q: What do you mean by the Same Origin Policy? How to handle it?

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